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Forex Membership

Are you an NRI looking to make extra income? Our Milliondots Forex Membership is designed just for you. We make Forex trading easy and convenient, wherever you are. Learn from experienced traders and join a community of NRIs who are exploring Forex too. Our flexible courses let you learn at your own pace, and we keep you updated with the latest market trends. We also guide you through the trading rules you need to know. Join our membership today to start your journey in Forex trading and boost your financial future.


Features that make you a professional trader.


Exclusive live sessions.


sessions. Pre-recorded videos.


Live Recording


Live mentor support through community


Post market sessions




What will you learn

Learn about trading success, market insights, risk management, and more for financial freedom.

Basics of Forex Market

Learn the basic rules and how the Forex market works.

Currency Pair

Find out about trading pairs of different currencies.

Pip and Pipettes

Understand the tiny changes in currency prices.

Currency Spread

Learn about the price difference between buying and selling.

Forex Market Time Zone

Discover when to trade based on time zones around the world.

Economic Calendar and Events

See how big news events affect currency prices.

Market Structure

Get to know how the Forex market moves and changes.

Market Liquidity

Understand how easily you can buy or sell currencies.

Fair Value Gap

Learn about sudden price jumps and how to deal with them.

Balanced Price Range

Find out how prices settle in a stable range.

Order Blocks

Learn about big buy or sell orders and their impact.

Breaker Blocks

Identify key price levels that can change market trends.

Premium and Discount Zone

Discover when currencies are more or less expensive than usual.

Strategy for Swing Trade

Learn how to hold trades for a few days to catch price moves.

Strategy for Intraday Trade

Master quick trading strategies for profits within the same day.

Risk Management

Find out how to protect your money while trading.

Student Testimonials

Ameen - Dubai

"I really like the live classes in this Forex course. I can ask questions right away and learn a lot. The timing works well with my job. It’s a good way for anyone in Dubai to learn Forex trading."

Anjali - Germany

"The live classes fit right after my work hours. The teachers are very nice and explain everything well. It’s great to learn how to trade even with my busy job."

Muzammil. - Oman

"I'm learning a lot from this Forex course. It fits into my schedule well, and the instructions are clear. I'm getting better at trading every day."

Akhil. - Dubai

"This Forex course is really helpful. I can learn whenever I have time, which works great with my job. It's good for anyone who wants to learn about trading."

Safwan. - Uk

"This Forex course is easy to follow. I study in the evenings, and it works really well for me."

Sanju. - Dubai

"This is a good course for busy people. I learn around my work schedule, and it’s all very clear."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do have any kind Of questions? We're here to help.

Anyone interested in Forex trading can join, especially NRIs looking to learn and earn extra income through Forex trading.

No, you do not need any prior experience. Our membership is designed to help beginners understand the basics and support advanced learners with complex strategies.

Our courses are very flexible. You can access the learning materials at any time that suits your schedule, making it perfect for busy professionals.

Enrolling in membership is easy. Click on the join now button in the top of the website or else you can connect to this WhatsApp number : +91 97451 40942

Yes, upon successful completion of the Forex membership, you will receive a certification of achievement.

You should plan to spend at least 8 hours* a week, and it's important to follow some rules and regulations. Keep in mind that trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme.